Jan 16

Central Americans join the Bachata Craze in Los Angeles

Bachata Warm-up #1 to “Tu Boca” by Andres Cabas 

Central Americans are not know for producing Bachata songs or even dancing Bachata as a popular dance. But here is Los Angeles, Central Americans tend to be part of the popular general trends that arrive to this cosmopolitan city. According to the US Census, in 2010 there were over 4 million Central Americans living in the United States. About 18 million live in Western United States.

But how many of Central Americans can dance bachata?

Bachata is the latest dance craze to hit the west coast. LA is now home to more Bachata nights. Salsa has been waning for some time now, so bachata is picking up where salsa leaves off. If you are new to dancing in Los Angeles, the best place to dance bachata is on Mondays at the Hacienda Hotel. There is no cover charge, however, if you want to take a dance class, you will need to pay the instructor. There is plenty of street parking, and the bar offers customers (you need to buy a minimum) parking validation for the first two hours only. Once in while, the local instructor or promoter invite dance performers to showcase their latest dance choreography. Hacienda is by far the best LA News Post related to dancing. The music is OK and the crowd is friendly. There are four dance floors to help you decide where you want to materialize your groove. The three floors in front of the DJ booth and the bar are by far the loudest, but if you want to save your hearing or have the need to converse while dancing, head towards the floor located behind the DJ booth.

Most bachata dance performances outside of the Dominican Republic tend to be fast paced and heavily influenced by salsa movement. The level of originality drops drastically to the point that you can switch a bachata song for a salsa song, and you may still see a resemblance in the dance movements performed.

For those of us who want to do exercise at home, there are the usual options of turning on the radio, playing the music video channel, playing an iTunes list, pulling the yoga mat out and stretching on the floor. But there is also the option of dancing to bachata, salsa, or any other music that grabs our ears. This video is an example of how to simply listen to a a song and then move to it according to how the spirit moves you. It may help to be totally awake and to stretch before beginning to dance, so as to prevent any injuries that may cost you pain or discomfort in the future. The last thing you want is for anyone to perform surgery on you.